Spine Center Network A spine program gains credibility with payors and consumers by being credentialed by Spine Center Network. Unlike other online directories of spine centers that are simply advertising conduits for spine providers, Spine Center Network only features spine centers that pass a rigorous credentialing process that ensures the center is providing the highest possible level of care.

Spine Center Jobs works in conjunction with Spine Center Network to connect high quality candidates with spine centers of excellence. Click here to learn more.

Prizm’s spine center model was the result of more than 1,000 one-on-one meetings with large employers, managed care companies and workers compensation experts across United States. We took the time to learn about the specific needs and concerns of those entities which manage the care of thousands of people statewide. The consensus was that patients could benefit most from an integrated, non-biased, nonsurgical approach to the problem. Click here to learn more.